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There is a new trend at many a company–offering free food to employees. There is a reason for this. Considered one of the top perks by employees, the ostensible reason an employer would do it would be "hey look how generous and good natured of a bunch we are". Really though, many companies of employe size ranging from 10-1000 are taking up on the concept as a way of boosting productivity in the office.

The boost in company wide productivity from free food comes in a few ways:

-Keeping employees on site which results in less time away from the desk.

- Feeling full and caffineated.

- Feeling acknowledged, and that they work at a good company and not to rock the boat like needing bigger things like a pay raise.

South Shore Vending can help you in this regard perhaps by supplying a coffee machine to your outlet, even if it is as tiny as a few people, offering a tasty hot beverage can help boost performance and morale.

Benefits of Vending as a business, especially in the digital age

Vending has numerous benefits as a business. The primary benefit is of that of passive income. When you have a vending route, those machines are out working for you even when you are not, perhaps day and night. By having a business that is self-sustained and not requiring your presence, you can be spending your time doing other tasks, perhaps an entire other business. Many people have a vending route as a second, and supplemental business.

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A lot of people wonder if in the digital age, vending is dead. On the contrary. When people are on the go, and need something right then and there, coin-op vending is the answer. Vending is still in industry totaling in the billions of dollars spent every year, and ripe for business in the digital age. Many a new digital too can help with tracking your vending route.

The digital age is a boon to customers too, just look at Google wallet for example (left) and how it is helping patrons on the go pay for items without cash. The digital age is bringing benefits for the vending industry for decades to come. We admit, we are biased! But stick around to see what will come next in the world of vending, and how it will continue to be a great side business for anyone looking to create passive income.


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